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East Anglian Labrador Retriever Club


For details of members with puppies available, please contact the club’s puppy coordinator, Mrs Clare Allen either by telephone 01 354 688414, or by email


Please note that the EALRC cannot provide any guarantee as to the health and/or suitability of any puppies included in the register, this remains the responsibility of the breeder.


The register is open to all club members who are looking to find homes for their puppies. To register a litter, please contact Mrs Clare Allen either by telephone or email with the

following details:


Name, Address, Telephone Number, Details of Parents Health Tests, Puppies D.o.B. and colours/sexes of available puppies.


The cost of including a litter on the register is £5. Litters will be removed from the register after eight weeks, unless otherwise advised.


Puppy Register

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